June 2005

Recently NBC broadcast a story about a Kentucky National Guard unit which destroyed a terroist unit in Iraq. Rather than praise the entire unit for its bravery the feminist controlled outlet instead concentrated only on one white female soldier. Her actions no doubt took guts BUT so did the actions of the male soldiers (which comprised the vast majority of the unit!). However, NBC minimized all of them.

This is not the first time the US TV media broadcast stories which minimized male soldiers of a unit, and instead focused on a white female soldier.

The most famous example happend when US originally invaded Iraq. A US Army's Ordnance Maintenance Company got separated from its convoy and took a wrong turn near Nassiriya. It was ambushed, suffering many casualities.
The US media insisted a white female soldier (Jessica Lynch) from the unit put up fierce resistance, continually firing her gun until the Iraqis captured her. The feminist controlled media simply madeup the story. It was their way of promoting the feminist idea of white female superiorty.

Since the US army had no idea what happend, they could neither confirm nor deny the story. Subsequently, based on the wounds suffered by one of the dead soldiers recovered from the battlefield, the army believes the name of the person who put up fierce resistance is Donald Walters (the army believes he was captured then excuted by the fedeyeen - Sadam's internal security force) however since there are no US witnessses, the army cannot absolutley confirm it.

The media refused to broadcast anything about this soldier's story.
Furthermore when it was discovered the white female soldier may have posed topless with other soldiers the feminist media dropped her like a hot potato. (Even if she posed topless - so what. She wasn't a liar or cheat so why did the media suddenly consider her no good. Additionally, the fact she showed up and tried to do her job in a war zone is character enough but the feminist media originally tried to turn her into some white female god.)

These incidences show the anti male culture that now exists throughout much of the U.S. broadcast media as a result of feminist control.

And this anti male mentality, is why the broadcast media portrays young strippers / sexy models as stupid drug addicts. Anything men enjoy, the anti male media hates.

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