Missing Person Bias

Recently, NBC Dateline briefly examined media coverage of missing people. The media, Dateline explained, focuses almost entirely on missing white females. Rarely will the news media give coverage to a missing man or minority women. However, FBI statics show 53% of missing persons are males. Also, at least 34% are minorities.

This biased coverage should not be surprising considering feminists control much of the media AND the vast majority of feminists are white female.

Most of the feminist media ignored the story. The few outlets that did respond, attempted to minimize or divert attention away from their lack of coverage of missing males.

The New York Times stated "...many national news outlets focus relentlessly on missing white women, while giving little attention to equally compelling stories involving poorer minority women."
The LA Times as well as MS Magazine printed an extensive article emphasizing the lack of coverage of minority women but mentioned in only 3 sentences that men were the majority of missing persons.

Even the NBC news anchor (a white female) when advertizing the show, stated:
Is their an under reporting of missing minority women? Dateline will discuss the issue tonight.

If you are a white female - the feminists controlled media deems you as most important. If you are a minority woman, you are less important, and if you are a man the feminst run media deems you as worthless.

How ironic I stumbled on this and so true. When my wife's friend's husband went missing about 8 years ago, the police really didn't give a s**t, much less making the paper. We made the comment at that time if he'd been a woman (especially an attractive one) or a kid, they would have been all over it. As it was, they found his vehicle in a hospital parking ramp about three months later and his body a couple months after that in a nearby wooded area where he did himself in. I guess the message is that males are expendable. Also, if you want to disappear, go park in a hospital parking ramp, they won't notice anything for months.

Bob S
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