Close to Home

Feminists commonly use their influence & control of the media to promote their sexist ideology. CBS's new drama "Close to Home" is the latest example.

This show was written solely from a feminist perspective. Its premire eposide promoted the feminist agenda of wives cheating on husbands. Housewives were cast as prostitutes. They became prostitutes because they liked the attention, or didn't want to bake, or liked the excitement, or no reason was even given. Their husbands didn't matter. The show emphasized a husband should not care if his wife sleeps around because his wife is a good person. During the episode, when a husband discovered his wife's prostitution the end result was he "loved her" because "She was a caring" person. He wanted to be with her.

Overall, "Close To Home" described housewife prostutites as "kind hearted", "caring" and "family oriented" women.
Conversely, 'Johns' were described as "embarassing", "disgusting", "fat" and "old". So, according to the writers, a wife who lies and cheats on her husband is caring and family oriented but a single man who sees a prostitute is disgusting and embarrasing - despite the fact he's not cheating on anybody. THIS IS ENTIRELY A FEMINIST PRINCIPLE.

Using a similair theme, feminist published a book in March 2005. This book examined 12 cheating wives and advocated a wife's cheating should not cause a divorce. It claimed many husbands will tolerate being cheated on. This book was reviewed and promoted on NBC's "Today Show".

Additionally, in July 2004, feminists wrote an extensive article on cheating wives for Newsweek Magazine. The article emphasized wives are increasingly cheating on their husbands and described the tricks wives use to cheat on their husbands. the article then insulted Bill Clinton for cheating on his wife (Notice the feminist double standard). The article concluded by stating a husband should not divorce his cheating wife because she is a good woman and "worth having".

The feminists continually use their influence in the media to promote their sexist ideololgy.

As a final thought, one of feminists' criticisms against female strippers (feminists have no problems with male strippers) is that they are "disruptive to the social fabric of society".
But in reality, the average female stripper is 18-25 yrs old and single. She is not cheating on anyone. She's not telling anyone to cheat. Feminists, however, promote cheating. They use the media to promote backstabbing and deception against men. Feminists cause disruption to the social fabric of society - not strippers.

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