Strippers & Tricked Husbands

Feminist claim female strippers (but not male strippers) are exploited.

They claim male customers force strippers to do whatever they want and "invoke male previlage to promote men as king and women as servant". As feminists from the University of Minnesota state "Stripclub cutomers perpetrate verbal, physical and sexual violence against women in strip clubs". These "activists" also claim strippers make little money because they must give up 50% of their income to the strip club.

Conversely, feminists claim husbands who are tricked by their cheating wives into raising children whom actually belong to another man are not exploited. They claim the husband can do whatever he wants.

The reality is that female strippers control their environment. Men can only do whatever the stripper allows them to do. A dancer will have any customer not obeying her limitations thrown out. Stripers FREELY chose to be naked and have the freedom to quit at any time.

Tricked husbands, however, do not control their environment. They have no freedom of choice. A tricked husband never chose to raise somebody else's child, his wife simply lies to him for the rest of his life. If a tricked husband leaves his wife, the feminist court system will force him to financially support the wife and her boyfriend's child.

Strippers give approximately 15%-25% of their income to the club. After this payment, strippers working in lap dance clubs, with no private areas, earn on average between $60,000-$100000. THIS INFORMATION IS FROM THE STRIPPERS THEMSELVES.
A tricked husband, however, works for his wife without payment.


Cities such as Scottsdale, Arizona and Houston, Texas have a "3 foot rule" (no customer may approach within 3' of a stripper) They claim allowing a man less than 3' from a stripper is detrimental to society & causes an increase in violent crime and drug use. Scottsdale has threatend to fine and arrest any man who breaks this rule. Houston originally did not enforce the law, however, feminist at TV station "KPRC Local 2 News" were so enraged, they broadcasted an "undercover investigation report" which demanded the law be enforced.

Converserly, these cities do not believe a wife exploting her tricked husband into raising her boyfriend's child is detrimential to society

If a tricked husband - forced by either city to financially support his wife's boyfriend's child - is arrested under this law he has the right to sue for sex discrimination. These cities cannot justify a law claiming this man causes a detrimential effect to society by sitting next to a stripper BUT a law allowing the exploitation of a him for the benefit of the wife is acceptable.

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During class I chatted up a classmate who I learned worked as a stripper. We started talking and she told me some things about her job, like how she enjoys it but really needs the money to pay for her education (I knew that). But that's pretty much it. She's kinda guarded about what she actually does at her club. Later I got to thinking what it FEELS like to be a stripper. No I would never apply for such a job, I'm just curious what it the job entails and what it takes to become a dancer. IDK where else to ask. Anyone have experience in a club? Also what kinda body do you need. I heard dancers have to be super developed? My classmate is like stacked. Physically I'm pretty short and average in measurements (B/C cup).
Strippers and Hoes
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