CNN Bias / Florida Teacher

Two prime examples of feminist domanince in American society occurred in March.

In the first example, TV news giant, CNN, promoted a feminist oriented website called 'Don't Date Him Girl" This site will list the name of any cheating male but not cheating female. The site describes male cheaters (but not female cheaters) as liars and pigs. They also decribe male cheaters (but not female cheaters) as egotistic and immature jerks. This site claims they are developing a separate website listing the names of cheating women but nothing has yet been produced.

Why separate cheating men from cheating women since THEY ARE THE SAME THING.

CNN could have promoted the TV show "Cheaters" (which continually emphasizes there is no difference between a cheating man and cheating woman) - BUT IT DIDN'T. The fact CNN purposely promoted the female chauvinist website clearly demonstrates the strength of feminist influence inside CNN.

In the second example, a female Florida teacher (Debra Lafave) admitted having sex with a 14 year old boy. The sex occurred on multiple occasions in Marion and Hillsborough counties. The District Attorney's office in both counties agreed jail was not appropriate for the Florida teacher. Instead she recieved three years house arrest from both counties. The Marion County judge, however, rejected the light sentence. Marion County then dropped all charges due to the effect prolonged plea barginng and media coverage was having on the boy.

A man dating a 14 year old girl would not be prosecuted so leniently. As her ex-husband stated on MSNBC "...there is a double standard."
If the District Attorney believes jail is inappropriate for this type of incident then it should be inappropriate for any adult in this situation - not just white females.

Additonally, feminist of Equity Now are pressuring Congress to pass the "End Demand for Sex Trafficking Act". The intent of the "Act" is to jail any American male who hires a prostitute anywhere in the US (and feminist hope in the world) regardless of whether prostitution is legal in that state or country.

Thus, in this era of feminisim, a man visiting Nevada or another country where prostitution is legal can be jailed under this "Act" BUT a white female having sex with a boy in Florida (or several other states) is free to leave the court.

Episodes such as these are the result of feminist dominance in American society.

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