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Feminist across the US were enraged when Wimbledon recently announced its men's tennis champion will receive $1.170 million while its women's champion "only" receives $1.117 million. These activist claimed it was an insult to women.

Women play only 3 game sets but men must play 5 game sets to earn their prize.

Feminist of Columbia University (a top ranked journalist school in New York City) claimed this was sex discrimination - women should be paid the same as men. They emphasized women don't need to play the same number of games as men because the women's game is different and unique, quoting tennis player Lindsey Davenport as saying "You hear about women playing only three sets while men play five. And the best women are never going to beat the best men. But its a different game you go to watch with the women--it doesn't make it better or worse." They also claimed women have more superstars than men.

Similar views were expressed by feminist of the Women's Tennis Association, the Christian Science Monitor and the Arizona Republic.
Even tennis star Venus Williams stated "This is not just about women's tennis but about women all over the world," "At Wimbledon we would like to have equal prize money to prove that we are equal on all fronts." But, she was not quoted as saying she would work an equal number of games as the men.

Additionally, many US media outlets stated Wimbledon should emulate the US Tennis Open. (The US Tennis Open has a three decade long history of discrimination against men. This organization pays men and women players equally but demands men play more games.)

The idea a man's work is inferior to a woman's work is the foundation of the feminist thinking presented by Columbia University, the Women's Tennis Association, the Christian Science Monitor, the Arizona Republic and the US Tennis Open. All of these organizations continually make excuses for women not playing an equal number of games as men.
Their argument is in effect saying a man must work 5 hours inorder to get paid the same as a women working 3 hours. Altenatively, if Wimbledon suddenly announced women would be paid the same as men BUT women must play 7 game sets while men play 5 game sets, feminist would scream sex discrimination.

Because of its stance, Wimbledon is now in a position to sweep aside feminist double standard. Wimbledon can agree to pay men and women equally but force women to play an equal number of games as men - three, five or seven game sets. This would instantly put pressure on the US Tennis Open to end its 3 decade long policy of dicrimination against men. Wimbledon would then be an example for the US Tennis Open to emulate.

It should be equal pay for equal work NOT equal pay for unequal work.

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