Cheating Wife

A feminist double standard continuously repeated within the US media is that cheating husbands are self centered jerks but a cheating wife is wonderful, understanding and considerate. The media also frequently repeats the feminist claim that its the husband's fault if a wife cheats and its the husband's fault if he cheats.

ABC News, Lifetime TV, Cosmopolitan, Oprah, WebMD, American Chronicle, Men's Health Magazine and several other outlets have often used this double standard.
A cheating wife is NOT different from a cheating husband. It is not a husband's fault if his wife cheats. A wife cheats because she is selfish and expects everything to be her way.

As evidence, an actual excuse given by one real life cheating wife for her infidelity was that she was mad at her husband because he didn't do what she told him to do. She then had an affair with a male co-worker who had made sexual advances toward her. Another cheating wife stated that as long as her husband "continues to pay the mortgage then thats all he needs to worry about. He doesn't need to worry about what I do." Another wife cheated because she felt like it and also stated she dated her male coworker "whenever I want a toy to play with." Another cheating wife said her husband does not excite her so she dates another man she met online. She also said it's easy to bullcrap her husband so she can leave the house and meet with the other man. Another cheating wife thought it was hysterical her husband was clueless especially since she has slept with some of his friends. Another cheating wife had a 2 month affair with another man but was caught. This cheating wife then told her husband she was sorry for hurting him and that she loved him. After 3 weeks, the husband accepted her apology. Ten months later, the wife began cheating again. A recently married wife thought that since she was an Aquarius the other man was cute and a Sagittarius it would be ok for her to cheat.

All of the above cheating wives required and expected their husbands to remain faithful.

Also as evidence of the self centerness of a cheating wife, the book "A Passion for More" which interviewed 100 cheating wives, stated 90% of these wives felt they were entitled to cheat on their husbands. Additionally, all of the wives in this book required their husbands to remain faithful.

A cheating wife is not wonderful, understanding and considerate. A cheating wife is a cheating wife because she is selfish and self centered. She has very little concern for her husband's feelings. Additionaly, a cheating wife believes her marriage should be mostly about what she wants rather than an equal partnership with her husband. If this does not occur, she cheats. Lastly, a cheating wife is also a hypocrite because while its acceptable for her to cheat, she requires her husband to remain faithful.

A cheating wife is the same as a cheating husband. Any description of a cheating husband APPLIES EQUALLY TO A CHEATING WIFE. When a cheating husband is described as a selfish jerk - so is a cheating wife. Only a female chauvinist jerk (ie a feminist) would claim elsewise.

Individuals should be judged on the basis of their actions not their gender (or race or any other stupidity). The persistent feminist inspired double standard within the media concerning cheating is simply narrow minded bull!

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