Female Chauvinism at Time Magazine

Time Magazine's female chauvinist philosophy was displayed in its recent cover story "Female Sheriffs of Wall Street".

The article claimed only men are to blame for the American financial crisis. The magazine called the banking industry "a testosterone-filled trading culture" and stated large banks are run exclusively by men. Therefore, it was men's stupid and greedy decisions which caused the financial collapse.

While the person in charge should always be held accountable, Time's female chauvinist journalists did not mention women comprise 70% of the banking industry. It also did not mention many women were in charge of loan making decisions and made loans to businesses or home owners with limited ability to repay the debt. Many defaulted thereby contributing to the crisis. Additionally, many real estate agents (another profession predominately female) contributed to the crisis, by convincing home buyers to purchase houses they could not afford. These agents aspired to collect the large commission fees associated with overinflated housing prices. Lastly, how many mortgages were foreclosed because the wife forced the husband to buy a house beyond what the family could afford simply because she wanted to live a specific lifestyle? Based on personal stories, at least several.

This article did not judge people on the basis of their actions. Rather, it judged them on the basis of their gender.

Continuing its female chauvinist theme, the magazine also stated "Sisterhood Is Powerful" and "the women {throughout the industry} have learned how to work together better". It wasn't people working together better, only women working together. This narrow minded feminist mentality is comparable to the ignorance of various racist groups in America.

And in a further display of female chauvinism, the publication quoted Sheila Bair "My favorite is when you are at a meeting and you say something, and it's just dead silence, Fifteen minutes later, some guy says exactly the same thing, and everybody is nodding their head." Men feel the same way about the judicial system. A woman commits the same crime as a man yet receives a completely different punishment. Judicial double standard is a far more important issue than whether or not someone nods their head to the princess.

This whole article does nothing more than promote sexism and the feminist idea that men are inferior to women.

Promoting female chauvinism is not unusual for Time.
In a previous article publicizing feminism, both Time and a feminist author being interviewed, criticized the TV show The Bachelor. The author stated "women are basically cast as obsessed with men". However, neither the publication nor the author had a problem with the TV show The Bachelorette. That article concluded by stating both women and men should become more indignant about pay equity for women, sexual harassment, paid maternity leave and "a whole host of issues that are still the unfinished business of our movement {feminism}". However, both Time and the feminist author excluded issues such as paternity fraud, domestic violence against men, equal access to college grants for men, rape fraud or anti-husband child custody laws as relevant to society.

Hypocrisy and gender double standard are common themes of Time Magazine. Another way of saying this is: Feminism is a common theme of Time Magazine.

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