Missouri Releases Women Who Killed Husbands

Three Missouri women convicted of murdering their husbands many years ago will be released from prison on parole because of claims of spousal abuse. A feminist group of attorneys called the Missouri Battered Women's Clemency Coalition has argued for the women's release, claiming they were driven to kill after suffering abuse at the hands of their husbands. This is a standard claim of any wife who kills her husband thereby making domestic violence against husbands completely legal in America.

The Missouri wives were released based on a feminist state law passed in 2007. This law stipulates women who had murdered their spouses could be eligible for parole if they had a history of "substantial physical abuse or sexual domestic violence" not presented at their trial and they served 15 years of prison time. The law allows a wife to change her story at a later date if necessary to gain release from prison.

One of the wives being released was convicted in 1978 of conspiring with her boyfriend to shoot her husband as he lounged in a chair in his Springfield, Mo., home. The fact that this wife had time to find a boyfriend, go on dates and screw around while remaining married rather than leaving her husband clearly shows that any abuse claim is nothing more than female chauvinist crap. Imagine what would happen if a husband found a girlfriend then killed his wife.

Prosecutors said another wife claimed she was worried she would lose her children in a custody dispute. That is a farce. Husbands are routinely discriminated against in child custody disputes.

The Missouri Battered Women's Clemency Coalition as well as other feminist groups consider domestic violence as a husband killing his wife. When the reverse happens they do not consider it a crime.

While admittedly, none of these women served short sentences for their crimes, America's judicial system is increasingly controlled by feminists organizations. This is important because groups such as Missouri Battered Women's Clemency Coalition, National Association of Women Judges etc have continuously advocated a two tiered judicial system. One for men and one for women. Because of their powerful influence, these groups are increasingly able to get laws passed which reflect their sexist ideology. As evidence, a St. Louis reporter from KSDK TV states "Advocates (feminists) say the outcome would have been much different had these women been tried now". In other words, its doubtful any of them would have been convicted.

This is one of the many reasons why men in America should be EXTREMELY hesitant to get married. When you become a husband you are considered as nothing more than your wife's property in the eyes of America's feminist laws.

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