Duke Strippers and ABC News

Feminist working at ABC News are using a stripper's rape allegations against Duke lacrosse players, to promote their female chauvinist ideology.
These journalists claimed they conducted interviews with college students across the US. However, their interviews emphasized men as abusive and female strippers as drug dealers.

They quote a former Harvard student "They (men) would always be very obnoxious to the girls. I see how guys treat strippers, and I can totally believe there might be abuse."
They quote a Cornell graduate "The guys are awful to the women. They scream at them to do lascivious acts and stick fingers in and around them."
Finally, ABC News said a Duke student stated each year his fraternity got a stripper for the new pledge class. He said that a fraternity brother also would buy drugs from the stripper and her pimp.

ABC News feminists also said students could see "the margin for abuse in alcohol and testosterone-driven settings". (Feminist of ABC News did not have a problem with male strippers entertaining female college students nor did they consider that form of entertainment as an estrogen-driven setting).

Additionally, the journalists attempted to portray (male) strip club patrons as possible rapists. They stated one of the two dancers they interviewed (named Summer) was sympethetic to the Duke stripper. ABC News stated Summer was raped by a strip club customer who initially was kind and that "many of the dancers she knew had been phsically abused".
This sexist sterotype is consistent with the famous feminist quote "Every man is a potential rapist".

ABC News feminists ended their segment by tacitly advocating violence against men. Their final words :

"The worst thing that ever happened to Cassidy
{a dancer} was the night a German tourist called her a b---. She took his beer bottle and slammed him in the head with it. She was suspended from her job, but she doesn't regret it. 'It was worth it,' she said. "

Cassidy should have been arrested on battery charges. Simply because she was called a derogatory name is not an excuse to commit a violent act. The next time ABC News feminists make another derogatory comment about men (most likely their next broadcast) can men slam beer bottles over the journalists' heads OR will ABC News suddenly advocate a different stamdard?

These are the same jouranlists who were outraged that a US military dog handler in Iraq allowed his dog to bark close to a terrorist suspect - thereby frightening the suspect. (The dog handler recieved 90 days hard labor for this supposed "attrocity"). ABC News claimed a soldier frieghtening a terrorist suspect is an attrocity. However, ABC News has no problem allowing their sexist jounalists to tacitly advocate violence against men.

For more on feminists and strippers see January Post

These Duke women are courageous in taking a stand for victims of false accusations of rape and real victims of rape.

These strippers and DA by making and aiding and abetting false claims of rape, not only hurt those falsely accused, but also hurt real victims of rape. These Duke women should be commended for their courage.

Many feminist and racists overlook the injustices done to these innocent boys. Justice will prevail only if boys and fair-minded people take a strong stand against the false accusations of rape. These strippers deserve prison and DA Mike Nifong needs to face a federal grand jury for his part played in this malicious prosecution.
Stripper possibly made a false claim of rape by three boys in 1996.

Stripper made a false claim of kidnapping in 1998

Stripper charged with larceny, auto theft, and trying to kill a police officer in 2002

The entire lacrosse team cooperated completely with the police investigation.

1st round of DNA shows no link to the lacrosse team.

2nd round of DNA shows no link to the lacrosse team

DNA proves stripper had sex with boyfriend/pimp and two other men, and paying “client”, and a battery vaginal sex toy before going to the party, which accounts for the “rape kit” evidence of recent sexual activity.

The bathroom is absolutely and completely devoid of any evidence of a rape. Where is her DNA? Urine, blood, vaginal fluid, saliva, or tears?

Many people’s DNA were found under her nails but none from the innocent lacrosse boys. The only DNA that has a partial link to one of the boys was found on the top surface of the fake nail.

She lied about losing her fake finger nails in a desperate struggle in the small enclosed bathroom, but pictures show that she removed her nails before inadequately performing her routine. No scratches were found on any of the innocent lacrosse boys’ bodies. No DNA of any lacrosse boy was found under her nails.

The 2 innocent boys she “eeny meeny miney moed” to be her rapists weren’t even at the party the time she claimed the rape occurred. She claims that she’s 100% sure, but she told her father that she’s not sure.

The stripper was in the process of being arrested when she created the rape lie as an alibi to stay out of jail

Nifong claimed a rape drug could have been used, but now we know that a tox screen was never done and Nifong made the rape drug lie up.

The DA is trying to suppress the stripper’s cell phone which may contain records of her being on the phone at the time she claimed she was suppose to be being raped by boys who weren’t even there.

Now it’s found that the stripper was on the cell phone at the time she claimed she was raped.
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