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Michigan Husband Charged with Hacking Cheating Wife's Email

A Michigan husband, Leon Walker, suspected his wife, Clara (who was on her third marriage) , was cheating on him. Walker decided to check her email to see if he could confirm her backstabbing.

According to the Guardian Newspaper, Walker found she was having an affair with her second husband, a man who had been arrested previously for beating her in front of her young son - born from her first marriage. Walker was therefore concerned for the child's safety. He decided to hand the emails over to the boy's father, (Clara's first husband). "I was doing what I had to do," Walker told the Detroit Free Press. "We're talking about putting a child in danger." The father then sought custody of the child.

When Clara discovered the emails had been read and passed on, she went to the authorities.

That is when Oakland County Prosecutor, a feminist named Jessica Cooper, charged Walker with a felony and a possible 5 year prision sentence. She said Walker broke the law by hacking into his wife's account. Cooper said his credentials as a trained computer technician make him a threat. "The guy is a hacker. [The computer] was password protected, he had wonderful skills, and was highly trained. Then he downloaded them and used them in a very contentious way," Cooper told the Detroit Free Press. Cooper was apparently angered a husband would try to protect himself from exploitation and mistreatment by his wife. This tactic is reserved only for wives of cheating husbands. No records have surfaced of Cooper ever charging any wife with hacking into her husband's computer.

Additionally, Cooper viewed Walker's protection of the child as irrelevant. Her only concern was the wife.

Prosecutor Jessica Cooper is a founding member of the National Association of Women Judges - a feminist organization. She served as one of its first publication editors. This organization published a document titled "Sentencing Women Offenders: A Training Curriculum for Judges" which advocated a two tiered judicial system based on gender. The emphasis of the document was that women should recieve lighter sentences than men even though they committed the same crime.

Feminism and justice do not mix. The two ideologies simply are not compatible.

Cooper's charges against Walker is another example of a feminist making a charade of the US judicial system. Instead of promoting justice and public saftey she is using her office to promote feminist double standard. Under these conditions, character guys like Walker - a man who protected someone else's child - will get chewed up every time.

Cooper is also one reason why men in Michigan should not get married. As her actions show, the Michigan judicial system views a husband as his wife's property.


Feminist Colonialism and America's Fading Power

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton gave a speech at the TED Women conference (a gathering organized to advocate social change using technology) promoting feminist colonialism. She emphasized that American foreign policy will be used to empower women and girls around the world. Her speech was laced with irony and hypocrisy.

Hillary stated "Let women [in other countries] work and they drive economic growth across all sectors. Send a girl to school even just for one year and her income dramatically increases for life, and her children are more likely to survive and her family more likely to be healthier for years to come. Give women equal rights and entire nations are more stable and secure. Deny women equal rights and the instability of nations is almost certain."

This is truely an ironic statement considering she represents a country which discriminates against boys education. In the U.S., there is more financial aid available to girls than boys and there are more learning programs oriented toward girls than boys. Thus more girls than boys are able to attend education beyond high school. According to the research firm, Reach Advisors, young men earn less than young childless women. The firm concluded the main reason why these men do not earn as much as women is education stating "Young women are going to college in droves". The firm said college enables women to command higher salaries. Additionally the fact Hillary believes women should drive a country's economic growth rather than all of its citizens clearly displays the classic female chauvinist philosphy of a feminist.

Hillary continued " is a girl who is still the first to drop out of school, the last to be fed, the last to receive medical care. And in too many places, she is taught there are special limits to what is possible for her".

This is more hypocrisy on her part considering that in America, it's boys whom are the first to drop out of school simply due to lack of effort on the part of our feminist education system. And it is boys whom our national media attempts to place limits on what they can do such as the recent article "Why We Need to Reimagine Masculinity" in Newseek magazine.

Hillary said the goal of empowering women and girls is a "central tenet" of American foreign policy. She said the status of women will be a key part of a new document the State Department is releasing stating "Therefore when I talk about why we need to integrate women's issues into discussions at the highest levels everywhere in the world, I'm not doing it just because I have a personal commitment or because President Obama cares about it. I'm doing it because it's in the vital interests of the United States of America."

This shows the American government is acting as a feminist colonial power. It is trying to force other countries to adopt feminst culture. Infact, integrating feminist ideolgy into diplomatic relations is one of the major reasons why many countries have come to resent America. Our governement is telling the world how they should live their lives. It is attempting to force foreign countries to adopt our female chauvinist laws. Yet, many countries don't want paternity fraud nor rape fraud to be legal. They don't want to adopt a two tiered judicial system which punishes men more severly than women for comitting the same crime. They don't want an education system which discriminates against boys.

Today, many countries view America as a fading power. They see its education & judicial systems deterioting under the rot of feminism. They want no part of America's feminist colonial agenda.

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