Feminists have recently written a book which supports cheating against husbands.

This book gave 12 examples of wives who cheated. The authors said the wives cheated because its the husband's fault (he didn't listen or didn't dance with her or didn't compliment her or didn't meet her sexual demands blah blah blah...) and that its normal for a wife to consider cheating on her husband. The book also discussed lies the wives said to their kids when they cheated.

The book concluded by say cheating won't necessarily lead to divorce stating that 33% of husbands will tolerate being cheated on. (Interestingly, about 5 years ago feminists stated 60% of husbands will tolerate cheating wives. They then revised it to 50%, then to 40% and now apperently 33%).

Since the feminists control most of the US media, this book was naturally reviewed and expanded upon on the Today Show. In addition to emphasizing the book's major points the morning news stated "if a wife cheats with an older man it is
her father's fault". He didn't give her attention. (This theory has its roots in the feminist idea that women should be forbidden from dating older men but not younger men). The show then stated a husband cheats because "he wants a relationship he can control". He is able to control his relationship with the other women because he dictates when they can see each other. They concluded by saying
"(this) affair hurts both women" and that a wife should
tell the husband "he was a horrible jerk".

In summary, when a wife cheats its the husband's fault, when a husband cheats he is a jerk and
lastly, it should be acceptable for a wife to lie & cheat on her husband.

Now consider this. These female "activists" constantly harass young women who become strippers, naked teens or sexy models claiming being a stripper or naked teen degrades, exploits & hurts people. But what really exploits and hurts people?
Is it the stripper or sexy model - generally a young women dancing / posing as job, getting paid and not trying to stab somebody in the back .


is it the feminists who advocate lying and cheating against men and the sefish wife who expects everything to be her way & cheats when she does'nt get it?

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