6 year old boy

In Febuary, a 6 year old boy was accussed of sexual harassement by the Joseph Downey Elementary School, in Brockton, Massachusetts.

The school claims a girl complained to a teacher that the 6 year old boy put two fingers inside a her waistband, touching her skin. The boy stated the girl had touched him first so he touched her on her shirt.What should have happend next is that both children should have been sent to stand in the corner for 15 minutes Instead, human decency and common sense was replaced by feminism.

The school disregarded what the boy said (because the child wasn't a girl) and decided the boy knew exactly what he was doing. He was purposely making sexual contact with a girl. The school then suspended him for 3 days. The school also contacted the Plymouth County District Attorney's Office concerning the incident. Fortunately, the District Attorney'S Office said they would not file charges against the 6 year old.

What makes this incident worse is the feminist influenced media (NBC Dateline, Channel 2 News Baltimore, Channel 11 News Dallas, Channel 17 News Raleigh, Channel 16 News South Bend Indiana) recently broadcast stories stating men are predators if they go on the internet looking for 13 year old girls because these girls are too young to understand sex. Channel 2 News Houston broadcast stories about 16 year old girls searching the internet for laisons with older men. Channel 2 labeled these men as predators and Houston police have already arrested some of the men.

How is it that it can be claimed a 13 year old girl is naive about sex, a 16 year old girl is not responsible for her actions BUT a 6 year old boy knows exactly what he is doing - especially since feminists claim girls mentally mature faster than boys!

This incident occurred soley because of feminist input into school regulation codes.

What this boy needs to learn from his suspension is that HE WAS A VICTIM OF FEMINISM.

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