California Legally Discriminates Against Men

Incidents such as a wife burning her husband as happened recently in Mississippi or a wife shooting her preacher husband as happened in Tennessee are not considered domestic violence in the state of California.

California defines domestic violence as "the infliction or threat of physical harm against past or present adult or adolescent FEMALE intimate partners."

The state of California will not assist any husband that has been assualted, burned or otherwise harmed by his wife.

Feminist controlling the California assembly have recently written and passed a bill which purposely reinforces this discrimination. The bill, titled Ab2051, adds gay and lesbian partners to the state's definition of victims but purposely excludes hetersexual men. The bill also establishes domestic violence court and social services for gays and lesbians in addition to maintaining services for women BUT PURPOSELY EXCLUDES any assistance to heterosexual men.

California's Domestic Violence Program is administered by the Office of Emergency Services and an Advisory Council. The council primarily consists of "women only" groups such as: California Women Lawyers' Association, the State Commission on the Status of Women and various battered women service providers. These feminist oriented groups help maintain discrimination against hetersexual men.

There are only a few studies which have attempted to determine the rate of domestic violence against husbands. The Centers for Disease Control sites a South Carolina study indicating that 33% of all domestic violence in the U.S. is the wife assaulting the husband. "Indian Life" - a Christian media organization, sites a study indcating this rate is near 50%. A few other studies indicate this rate is betwteen 25% - 50%.

IT DOESN'T MATTER WHETHER THE RATE 25% OR 50% OR WHETHER THE ATTACKER IS THE HUSBAND OR THE WIFE. ITS ALL THE SAME CRIME AND SHOULD BE TREATED AS THE SAME CRIME.. The fact California treats them differently, clearly indicates the corrupt feminist social order needs to be replaced.

California is a state which has produced notorious feminist such as Diane Feinstein and Barbara Boxer. This is why its important to vote. Party loyality is stupid. Both the republican and deomocratic party suck! What matters is whether the candidate is a feminist and if so - vote against them.

Concerning civil rights, California is run by the feminist similair to the way 1920's Alabama was run by white supremacist.

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