Feminists Attempt to Eliminate Strip Clubs

Feminist, in loose alliance with the religious right, are attempting to ban lap dancing and strongly regulate or eliminate strip clubs in Scottsdale Arizonia, suburban Washington DC (Prince George's County), suburban Cincinati (Kenton County) and Salem Oregon.

In Scottsdale, the feminist and religious right proposed a law to ban lap dancing by requiring a 4-foot barrier between dancers and patrons. The city council claimed lapdancing causes unemployment and lowers the "high standard of the community". However, the "high standard of the community" allows a cheating wife to trick her husband into raising her boyfriend's child. If the husband discovers this fraud and refuses, the Scottsdale "high standard" will jail him.

The feminist and their allies had a setback in September when a popular vote defeated the proposed law (52.5%-47.5%). Feminist and religious right supporters have stated they are still hopeful to impose the law on the city.

In an attempt to eliminate strip clubs, Prince George's county adopted a law prohibiting tipping on stage and prohibiting dancers from mingling with patrons (eliminating lapdancing). A feminist county official stated men should seek therapy if they want a lapdance. The feminist controlled county claims the law will curb crime, prevent a drop in property values and support county morals.

A triple murder occurred at the county's Stardust Inn strip club parking lot 3 years ago. The county then commissioned a study which stated strip clubs cause wide spread murder. However, murders (and drug use) have occurred at the county's ordinary dance clubs but Prince George's county has no intention of outlawing dance clubs.

Using 2006 county data (available up to June), I could find no murders at county strip clubs (two murders occurred six blocks from strip clubs). However, there were murders adjacent to several county schools (including Suitland High School & Prince George's Community College). The county has no intention of outlawing schools.

THERE IS NO CORRELATION BETWEEN MURDER AND EVERY COUNTY STRIP CLUB just as there is no correlation between murder and all dance clubs or schools. The feminist county's primary interest is in regulating society.

The county claims to be interested in preserving county morals. Yet, the county requires a tricked husband to financially support his cheating wife and her boyfriend's child.

The religious right are adopting this county's feminist arguments in Salem Oregon. Also, a similair alliance is now set up in suburban Cincinati (Kenton County).

It is feminist and rightwing local officials in each of these muncipalities that are causing high crime rates. Their extreme interset in promoting their own lifestyle and using laws as well as the police to enforce these ideas is draining both financial and physical resources away from hunting drug dealers, murderers and rapists. Police forces are not meant to enforce a polticians lifestyle preference -
unless you live in Iran.

Zoning strip clubs away from schools and residential areas is certainly acceptable. Using laws and police forces to promote your own lifestyle is ridiculous. Claiming they are guarding the municipality's moral standard by eliminating strip clubs yet at the same time allowing a rotten wife to trick her husband into raising her boyfriend's child is a classic feminist double standard. (See January Post for more info).

In history, an allaince between the extreme left and extreme right is NOT unpresendented. Early in World War II, Soviet Russia (extreme left) and Nazi Germany (extreme right) were violently oppossed to one another yet they allied. The result was the disentegration and subjugation of eastern europe.

The feminist and religious right are beginning to adopt a similair alliance. This is why voting is important. Political party loyalty is stupid - both the republician and democratic party suck! Vote against extremists, regardless of their party affiliation.


I may be unable to continue this site due to illness. However, hopefully, this blog's idea that the feminist social order needs to be replaced - hopefully by a system that judges people by their actions and not by whats on the outside - will be advanced by others. Hopefully blogger will leave this blog as long as possible.

I'm with you on that last part. I already have a disdain for moralists as it is, and this is why such "moral high ground" thinking is so potentially dangerous when in the hand of those in power. Just hand-shakingly awful.
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