Your Wife Isn't Worth It

Eric McLean is accused of killing Sean Powell, an 18 year old high school student who was having an affair with Eric's 30 year old wife, Erin. The wife interned as a teacher and counselor at Sean Powell's Tennessee high school.

Eric will now become just another prisioner in jail. His wife isn't worth it.

Eric's goal of becoming a school band director is completely destroyed. His wife isn't worth it

It is normal for a husband (or wife) to be angry about being lied to and deceived. A husband has a right to be angry. However, any husband who becomes distraught enough over his cheating wife to destroy not only his own life, but also someone else's life, is simply a fool. His wife is not worth it.

To throw your life's goals away and rot in jail over a wife who lied to you and disregarded you - she simply is not worth it.

Eric McLean has two children. These may be taken from him, especially if he is in jail. To have your kids taken from you because of the actions of your anger - your wife is not worth it. Let her be somebody else's problem.

The man murdered by Eric McLean was barely an adult. Like most teenagers, Sean Powell made a young and dumb mistake. Getting involved with a teacher - who was married - was stupid. Had he been given the chance, he no doubt would have grown up to regret his youthful mistake. A mistake that really was not entirely his own. As a teacher, Erin McLean, (a grown, trained adult) was given the responsibility of advising high school kids - not dating them.

As an alternative, observe Richard Nowak. His wife, astronaut Lisa Nowak, deceived and lied to him in the same way as Erin McLean lied to Eric. Richard avoided violent and insane action. Now, he still has his kids and has the ability to sue the state for sex discrimination if they try to take them from him. If the state tries to force him to pay alimony, he will have the ability to sue for sex discrimination. Additionally, he has the option to replace his wife with a woman he does not have to share. AND, he still has his job at NASA. Eric McLean has none of these things. Instead he will be rotting a long time in jail over his wife. She simply is not worth it.

Because of their hatred of husbands, feminists commonly promote a "desperate housewife" culture and emphasize wives should cheat on their husbands. What this blog is saying is that this type of wife simply is not worth it.

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