Duke Lacrosse Stripper Case

Many blame Mike Nifong for the Duke lacrosse stripper fiasco. However, an overlooked cause is the political pressure applied by the media, feminist organizations and civic activists groups against Durham County for prosecution of the lacrosse players.

Initially, the american media's coverage of the incident was based on political ideology rather than evidience. When the Duke players were not immediately suspended, a CNN reporter stated "I`m so glad they didn`t miss a lacrosse game over a little thing like gang rape!" ABC News claimed students could see "the margin for abuse in alcohol and testosterone-driven settings". Newsweek stated "the young woman who suffered injuries that appear to be caused by a sexual assault". The media also stated Duke University along with the lacrosse team appeared to be covering up the incident.

All of these statements were based on political agenda - in this case the promotion of feminist ideology. The lacrosse players were portrayed as typical men who were lairs, abusive and most probably rapists. The media's coverage was intended to increase public pressure to prosecute the "guilty" players. Though journalists have since sided with the players, their initial lack of objectivity illustrates the media can no longer be trusted for accuracy. There are simply too many feminist reporters and journalist in general who promote their own political agenda.

Similairly, feminists organizations sponsored a rally on Duke's campus claiming a rape took place and Duke University was not responding to the incident. They taped lacrosse players photos onto garbage cans in front of the student union. Feminists also assisted protesters outside a house rented by several lacrosse players. The protesters held signs reading "Real men don’t protect rapists", "You can’t rape and run" and "It’s Sunday morning, time to confess".

Feminist had no evidence of rape but simply based their conclusion on the most famous feminist quote "All men are potential rapists".These biased protests were intended to add pressure on Durham County to prosecute the lacrosse players.

Lastly, Al Sharpton did not help the situation. He traveled to Durham to support the idea the stripper was gang raped by Duke lacrosse players. Sharpton attempted to add pressure on Durham County to prosecute the lacrosse players. However, Sharpton became nothing more than a messenger of the old way - that people should be judged by what they look like rather than the facts.

The Duke lacrosse players avoided jail because their families had the cash to pay high priced lawyers who could fight off politcal pressure for prosecution. If they were average Joe's from Ohio State University with average lawyers they would probably be in jail.. How many innocent prisioners are in jail today as a result of political pressure from the local media, feminist groups or "Sharpton" type activists whether these activists be black, white, brown or yellow?

The media also used the incident to attack the stripper industry. However, the media only attacked strip clubs with female strippers - most news organizations don't have a problem with male strippers entertaining women. Typical of most news organizations, ABC News reported men as abusive to female strippers. They also portrayed female stripprs as drug users and the rape of female strippers as not uncommon.

The purpose of the attacks was to promote feminist sterotypes. The sterotype of men as abusive rapists and the degrading of women in a non feminist activity is a common feminist theme. The attacks further illustrate the media promotes its own political agenda.

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