The Feminist Media Machine

Recently, the feminist media propaganda machine claimed that American wives don't want thier husbands and women increasingly hate marriage. CBS stated "More Women Saying 'I Don't.' MSNBC stated "Watch out, men! More women opt to live alone." Women's Day claimed 56% of wives don't want thier husbands. The media also implied men were happy with marriage. However, a study in 1999 found 15% of newly married men were unhappy compared with 1.5% of newly married wives - the chief complaint being the wife always expected to get her way.

If so many wives don't want their husbands and women hate marriage, perhaps the real question should be: Why should any man even bother to get married?

The feminist media machine also claims there is no boys education crisis. Time magazine recently printed an article stating the boys education crisis is a myth. Time gave many statistics comparing boys of today with those of 15 to 20 years ago but did not compare boys with girls of today. Time magazine's article corresponded with an article printed previously by the Washington Post. The Post's article also claimed the boys education crisis is a myth and emphasized nothing should be done to assist boys education.

The one important statistic both media outlets refused to print is:
57% of all U.S. bachelor’s degrees are earned by women. Men only earn 43%.

This is an exact reversal from 1970, when 57 percent of college graduates were males and 43 percent females. Ms magazine stated this reversal is a "landmark achievement" which should be celebrated. According to Ms magazine, when women earned only 43% of bachelor’s degrees it was due to sex dicrimination but when men earn only 43% of degrees its an achievement to be celebrated.

A college degree is important. An increasing number of businesses are requiring a college degree for entry level positions. US employers want to see a job applicant's college degree (any type of degree) as proof the aplicant can learn. Also, many blue-collar jobs are moving to low-wage countries. Therefore, a high school degree is becoming irrevelant. Both young men and women need a college education. However, the US feminist based education system emphasizes a young women's advancement while ignoring and sometimes even harrassing young boys. A prime example is the 6 year old Massachusetts boy who was suspended from school for alleged sexual harrassement. A 6 YEAR OLD BOY! Additionally, many univertisies offer academic scholarships exclusively to women but none exclusively to men - depsite the fact men are the minority.

The United States needs an education sytem which seeks the advancement of all its students rather than just particular groups of students. In order to achieve this,feminism needs to be removed from the current U.S. education system. The fact that men are earning a decreasing percentage of college degrees is evidence of this necessity.

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