Female Double Standard

According to Oprah Winfrey's talk show, husbands are rapist, cheats and violent abusers. Typical themes of her shows are: "The Day I Found Out My Husband Was a Child Molester", "Her Husband Tried to Kill Her Three Times", "Kidnapped and Raped by Her Husband", "Beauty Queen Raped by Her Husband", "Domestic Violence: A Woman Set on Fire and Burned Alive by Her Husband", "Suing Your Husband's Mistress" and "A Wife's Heartbreak" - her cheating husband. One telecast even went so far as to question a marriage's validity if a husband flirts with another woman. However, when the wife cheats, the show puts much of the blame on the husband.

The female chauvinist double standard that when a husband cheats its a husband's fault and when a wife cheats its the husband's fault is directly from feminist ideology. This double standard has been advanced by noted feminists such as Gloria Steinem - a women whose statements often harbored feelings of hostility toward men - by Newsweek Magazine (July 2004) and by the website "Style" around September 2007.


The only husbands portrayed as worthwile by the show, are those which forfeit their individuality and become butler boys for their wives.

Oprah's show promotes feminist sterotypes and double standards.
If husbands are as rotten as this show claims then wouldn't a solution be for men to avoid becoming husbands and avoid getting married. Men could simply move from one women to the next - and everyone will be happy.

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