Female Double Standard

According to Oprah Winfrey's talk show, husbands are rapist, cheats and violent abusers. Typical themes of her shows are: "The Day I Found Out My Husband Was a Child Molester", "Her Husband Tried to Kill Her Three Times", "Kidnapped and Raped by Her Husband", "Beauty Queen Raped by Her Husband", "Domestic Violence: A Woman Set on Fire and Burned Alive by Her Husband", "Suing Your Husband's Mistress" and "A Wife's Heartbreak" - her cheating husband. One telecast even went so far as to question a marriage's validity if a husband flirts with another woman. However, when the wife cheats, the show puts much of the blame on the husband.

The female chauvinist double standard that when a husband cheats its a husband's fault and when a wife cheats its the husband's fault is directly from feminist ideology. This double standard has been advanced by noted feminists such as Gloria Steinem - a women whose statements often harbored feelings of hostility toward men - by Newsweek Magazine (July 2004) and by the website "Style" around September 2007.


The only husbands portrayed as worthwile by the show, are those which forfeit their individuality and become butler boys for their wives.

Oprah's show promotes feminist sterotypes and double standards.
If husbands are as rotten as this show claims then wouldn't a solution be for men to avoid becoming husbands and avoid getting married. Men could simply move from one women to the next - and everyone will be happy.

Women feel addictions too.

However, they do not wished to take the blame for their crimes, just like anyone else.

Because they are "hot" & look "good", many fall under the heels of the women's snares they produce & never see the lies.

Though men & women lie, the woman's tongue is the greater poison because her beauty hides the lies.
I don't like Oprah's show, so I never watch it.
You obviously have no idea what most feminists advocate, which is Equality for both genders. Neither men nor women should cheat on each other, and neither men nor women should be blamed for their spouse's indiscretions. However, society has historically condoned and continues to condone male infidelity more than female because higher value is placed on a woman's fidelity to her husband. While it may not be as obvious in America, it is certainly obvious in areas where feminism has not been as successful, such as Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East.

Also, in regards to the topics focused on the Oprah show, maybe you should look up statistics of violent acts. You'll see that men are grossly overrepresented in the committing of: homicide, physical assault, sexual assault, road rage, domestic abuse, child abuse, etc. Maybe the prolificness of these topics is just indicative of real tendencies men have towards violence. And I am not saying that men are inherently violent, but that there are very negative aspects and consequences of the masculine gender role that society expects men to fulfill. Feminists are against such gender role expectations because they hurt both men and women. See? Feminists don't really hate men. They just hate the social structures in place that negatively affect women and men.
@Andrea on the subject of domestic violence

Men actually aren't more prone to inflicting domestic violence on their significant other. Women are. Men are simply more prone to being arrested for it. The vast overwhelming majority of women have, in their lives, physically attacked their significant other more than once. They, however, rarely get arrested. Men are made to feel ashamed for reporting this abuse so whatever statistical data that could represent this truth would be near impossible to accumulate at this time. The flawed statistics on domestic violence do, however, represent your lopsided, tunnel-eyed, and sexist views on men and violence.

You sound a bit more like an "Andrea Dworken" to me...

Your last sentence had me laughing for 15 minutes! Good comment.

We all know what feminists claim to be after. But like most advocacy groups, feminists are actually campaigning for an advantage. Its one thing to be spoon fed the party line in school. Its entirely different to see how things are actually put into practice in the real world, as well as the actual results of so called equality policies. Females typically get what they want (most bosses have a hard time justifying a denial to a female's request.) Guys typically don't get what they want (they are much safer to say no to.) If a typical middle manager (middle aged, and dissatisfied with spouse and offspring) has one desirable project or training opportunity and two candidates, they will typically choose the reasonably young and attractive female who does a better job of stroking the bosses ego than the paranoid oprah watching middle aged and overweight wife of same (this isn't saying much.) If you're a guy, prepare to get denied and put to work on your own tasks as well as those of the female who gets sent on walkabout. And even though you got stuck doing double duty, she gets promoted first because of the extra training and experience she received while on working holiday. All this so she can marry a higher up, have kids, quit and let all that training and development go to waste (in no particular order.) And who gets left holding the bag? The guy, who coincidently has no easy out. For him it can only get worse, more mouths to feed, more alimony, and more child support. Women can profit from work, cheating, marriage, affair with boss, etc. The only thing men can profit from is work (assuming they don't have to wait in line behind the females.) Everything else will ultimately cause him to loose everything. So tell me, where's the equality in that?
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