Former vice presidential candidate and feminist Geraldine Ferraro (campaigning for Hillary Clinton) commented that Democrat Barack Obama is only where he is because he is a black man. She also stated "And if he was a woman he would not be in this position." and suggested Hillary Clinton has been a victim of a "very sexist media."

Ferraro's statements reflect the feminist mentality that is prevalent within Clinton's campaign.

It is difficult to believe being a black man with an Islamic sounding name (though Obama is apparently a Christian) gives a candidate an advantage in getting elected president of the United States - especially compared with a white female candidate. White feminist politicians such as Ferraro and Clinton typically have the mentality that they should not be challenged or questioned. Rather, they talk as though they should be elected simply because they are white females. Another Clinton campaigner (feminist Gloria Steinem) recently made light of presidential candidate John McCain's five years as a POW during the Vietnam War simply because he was a man.

Steinem is a sick sexist.

Ferraro's and Steinem's comments are a clear indication Hillary Clinton's campaign possesses a typical arrogant feminist mentality.

In regards to Ferraro's comments concerning the media, she is correct. The media is sexist - it is white female chauvinist!
There is a feminist culture throughout much of the national American media that forbids criticism of white female politicians (especially of the Democratic Party). Hillary Clinton's past mishandling of Health Care reform in 1994 is routinely glossed over or ignored by media gaints such as ABCnews, Time Magazine etc. (FoxNews appears to be the exception to this rule). If Hillary's name was Harry, the criticism would be unrelenting. Another example is the national media's treatment of hurricane Katrina. President Bush (white man) was heavily criticized by the national media. The Mayor of New Orleans, Ray Nagin, (black man) was heavily criticized by the national media. However, Governor Kathleen Blanco (white female) was sheltered by most of the national media (again the exception was FOX News). Bush and Nagin made mistakes but so did Blanco. She was Governor and therefore she was responsible for making decisions concerning feeding, sheltering and protecting people for a few days until Federal help could arrive. She failed.

Conversely, the same media organizations that refuse to question the decisions of Clinton or Blanco, routinely criticize and question the decisions of Condoleezza Rice (black female).

Ferraro was partly correct - the media is sexist. It is white female chauvinist.

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