Single Men and Marriage

A rare study of single men and marriage was completed recently by Carl Weisman. Over the past three decades the number of men remaining single has increased in the United States. Weisman said U.S. figures showed that in 1980 about 6 percent of men aged in their early 40s had never married but this number has now risen to 17 percent.

The purpose of the study was to discover single mens views on marriage and the reasons why they have not married. Weisman concluded that most single men were not afraid of marriage -- but they were afraid of a bad marriage. "Men are 10 times more scared of marrying the wrong person than of never getting married at all," he stated. The study found 8% of single men never want to marry, 30% are unsure about marriage, 31% might marry but only if they find the absolute right women while 31% want to get married but are still single.

Those single men who were financially successful stated they were terrified what a bad divorce would do to them. Some of these men gre up in families that have gone thru bad divorces or have had friends who have divorced. These men have seen first hand how America's feminist oriented divorce laws operate. Many successful single men fear losing assests which is an almost certainty in the United States. Those single men with limited finances fear not being equal partners with a working wife. This appears to be a valid fear. Havard University, Businessweek, the NYTimes and much of the US media have all emphasized wives make the majority of family purchasing decisions - the husband is generally ignored.

Women oriented media outlets also contribute to mens increasing mistrust of marriage. Outlets such as Oprah, Lifetime, Women's Day, The Today Show etc, continuously tell women every wife is wonderful. They claim anything wives do is for the benefit of their family. This is complete nonsense. Some wives are self centered jerks. They expect tasks to be completed according to their specifications and timetables. They work toward their own goals and expect the entire family to have these same goals. They will yell or cheat if they don't get their way. These wives are the same as dictoral husbands who take their wives for granted.

Any individual who expects others to have the same goals as they do - to behave the same way - is a self centered jerk.

Having a wife who is a self centered or cheating jerk is a waste of time. Its better to be single.

Weisman's study also discovered single men have found contentment with careers, friends and hobbies rather than marriage.

Feminists' anti husband divorce laws, along with the idea every wife is wonderful - no matter how self centered she behaves - are causing an increasing number of American men to reject marriage as a way of life.

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