American Doctors Are Lazy

American doctors are lazy. There is a lack of effort to help patients with their difficulties. Most general physicians are ok. It is the so called "specialists" that are the problem. These doctors are the vascular surgeons, neurologists, orthopedics etc.
It is far too difficult in this country to get an appointment with a specialist. The average wait for an appointment may be 4 to 8 weeks. Meanwhile, the patient's life is in turmoil waiting for the appointment. Often, they are unable to do many normal activities and are in pain.
When the patient finally arrives at the specialist's office, they will be fortunate if the doctor listens to their complaints. Also, the doctor may order tests such as an MRI or Bone Scan. It can take weeks or even months to complete all the test the specialist orders. Thus, more time is wasted waiting for a correct diagnosis. The patient's life stagnates and rots.
The specialist receives results from MRI'S, Bone scans, Nerve studies or other test in the form of reports - sometimes with images. The doctor searches the report for something that stands out - like a shining beacon of light. If there is nothing obvious then it means the patient's problem requires too much effort to think about. The sick person will be sent away with a "wild guess diagnosis".
Additionally, if the office has many doctors, one specialist will not consult another specialist about the patient's problem. Every patient gets only one doctor's knowledge not the whole clinic's knowledge.
It could take months OR EVEN SEVERAL YEARS for the patient to receive a correct diagnosis. Many times the patient will never receive any help at all. Their lives may be ruined.
In frustration, some patients try to diagnosis themselves. While its possible for a person to properly diagnosis themselves (using information from the test reports and researching it on the internet) they should not be doing the doctor's job. Specialists get paid about $150/hr. They can't take 10 minutes to think about a patient's problem? That's being lazy. Its also being greedy.
Anyone not getting proper medical care should consider firing their doctor. This can easily be done by calling their office and canceling a future appointment. Before firing a doctor, a patient should make certain they have copies of all their test results and reports. This will ensure the new doctor does not repeat any test. Also, patients should consult with their insurance plan to determine the ease of moving from one specialist to another.

Finally, there are several web sites which allow patients to rate and research doctors. The most popular appears to be Ratemds. Any person having problems getting a correct diagnosis should rate their doctor on one of these sites. Conversely, if someone found a helpful doctor, rate them highly so that other patients know this doctor won't waste their time.

President Obama claims he is a president of change. If so, then he should worry about improving the inefficiency of the american medical joke system rather than improving relations with a police state like Cuba.

I continue to be dogged by a scumbag virius as well as several other issues. I will contribute to the antifeminist movement / rebellion as best as possible.

Amiable post and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Thank you seeking your information.
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