Hofstra Rape Fraud

At Hofstra University, a student claimed she was tied up in a dorm bathroom and gang raped by five men. The police subsequently identified and arrested all five men. They were thrown in jail. The rape claim turned out to be rape fraud. It was Duke University all over again.

Similar to the Duke University Rape fraud, police immediately released the names of the accused men.
Similar to the Duke University Rape fraud, the media printed the names and faces of the accused men AND ASSUMED THEY WERE GUILTY.
Similar to the Duke University Rape fraud the accused men had to prove they were innocent otherwise they were going to jail.

The accused are supposed to be presumed innocent. But in a feminist society this doesn't happen. Guilt and rights are based on gender. Both the media and police pre-judged the men based on feminist stereotypes.

Also similar to Duke University, the media resisted printing the name of the fraudulent woman - even after evidence clearly showed she was a liar - and no criminal charges were filed against her.

In rape fraud, a jailed innocent man will suffer more than a woman who is raped one evening. For example, on a date rape, the woman will go thru perhaps several hours of hell with the raping jerk but then she can begin to recover her life both physically and mentally. The jailed innocent man will suffer all day and the next day, the next week, the next month and the next year. He will suffer the entire time he is in jail. The average jail time for rape is about 5 years. During this time, the innocent man will be raped by other prisoners and repeatedly beaten up. Jail is not a nice place - not for innocent people. Rape, assault and "click warfare" are fairly common. Only after his jail sentence is served, can the innocent man try to recover physically and mentally.

It is extremely rare for women who intentionally falsely accuse men of rape to be convicted of a crime. Yet one study, by Frank Zepezauer, concluded 25% of rape complaints were fraud. Another study by Eugene Kanin also concluded about a 25% fraud rate. Revenge for ending a relationship, covering up cheating or a desire for corporate advancement were the most common reasons cited by women for false claims of rape. However, the main reason was probably because these women knew nothing would happen to them. They had nothing to lose. If there was justice, they would have been jailed.

The District Attorney in the Hofstra case at least made some attempt to prevent the fraud from going unpunished. The DA made the woman agree to 250 hours of community service.
At the the very least,anyone guilty of rape fraud should be fined $2500, have a criminal record and (as long as the innocent person serves no jail time) sentenced to 250 hours of community service - the service activity to be decided by the county in which the fraud was committed. But even this extremely light sentence is not being issued in most rape fraud cases due to the fact many district attorney's are feminist lackeys. They follow the direction of institutions such as the Women's Law Center rather than the American Constitution.

The American judicial system - as well as our media - judges people on the basis of their gender not their actions.

Until feminism is defeated this kind of narrow minded ignorance will continue.

A false rape claim should require the woman to serve the same sentence as a rape conviction.
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