Why Men Increasingly Avoid Marriage

Across the internet, women have begun making statements such as: Why are men avoiding marriage? Why do guys avoid commitment? Being single sucks.

A Carl Weisman study showed American men are increasingly avoiding marriage. Men fear getting involved in bad marriages with bad wives. This fear is partly driven by the feminist based anti-husband messages of women's magazines and writers.

For example, Parenting Magazine claims their marriage survey shows moms are angry at their husbands "at surprising levels". They state husbands "often don't notice what needs to be done around the house or with the kids". They also claim husbands have "more time to themselves" as compared with moms. Their survey stated 46% of moms get irate with their husbands once a week or more. Lisa Bain, executive editor of Parenting Magazine said "The truth is if you prick any one of us with a little pin, anger comes out". Female writers of ABC News and the Associated Press discussed the survey and expressed outrage at husbands.

However, the magazine's survey completely ignored husbands. No husband was asked anything. His opinions were considered unimportant. His efforts at work were ignored and he was largely unappreciated by his wife.

One stay at home mom participating in the survey stated she was angered at her husband (who worked 11 hour days) because he set aside some time one day a week to be an independent music producer - something he enjoyed. Another wife responding to the survey stated though her husband did 60% of the housework plus his job, she was angered she had to ask him to do housework.

Single men wonder why is he doing 60% of the work plus his job. They think: Why should I get married if my opinions don't matter. Why would I want to marry a woman who will be mad at me every week for the rest of my life because I don't do things her way? Why is she my boss?

It should also be noted none of the wives in the survey report stated they help their husband with house repairs. Additionally, Glen Sacks stated, according to the Bureau of Labor Statics, men's time to themselves is a meaningless 1% higher than women's.

Another women's magazine, called Double X, promotes books where wives cheat on their husbands. The book 'Prospect Park West' was promoted with the headline "Mommies Want to Have Sex, Just Not With Their Husbands". The book 'The Seven Year Itch' was promoted with the question "is it still realistic to expect wives to remain faithful to their husbands?" Conversely Double X continuously criticizes cheating husbands. The feminist notion its acceptable for a wife to cheat but wrong for her husband to be unfaithful has also been promoted by the online women's magazine Ivillage (though not all its writers agree with this mentality), female writers of the online magazine Askmen and, incredibly, Men's Health Magazine. Additionally, female reporters of ABCNews & Good Morning America continuously criticize cheating husbands. They refuse to criticize cheating wives.

Single men think: Why get married if its ok for my wife to cheat but I have to remain faithful? Why should I give up dating different women to be married to a cheating wife? Why should I accept abuse?

Many husbands have begun asking these same questions and have begun dumping their cheating wives in increasing numbers. This has given rise to websites such as "Stop Your Divorce in 4weeks" and "Cheatingways". These sites seek to prevent husbands from divorcing their cheating wives. The 2nd site (owned by a woman) actually encourages wives to cheat on their husbands. It offers wives a wealth of tips on how to deceive and fraud their husband. The site apparently was not founded with this intent but, like most of the country, drifted into an anti-husband mentality.

Single men think: Since marriage means the exploitation of husbands then why the hell should I get married? Do they think I'm stupid?

Lastly, American divorce laws also cause men to fear marriage.
The feminist judicial system often rules against husbands in divorce. Husband's are usually ordered to pay large alimony / child support payments to the ex-wife. Some claim the child support payments contain hidden alimony. In most states, these payments don't decrease if the ex-wife's income dramatically increases after the divorce. Though some wives with high paying jobs have been ordered to pay alimony/child support to their ex-husbands, many judges are reluctant to apply divorce laws equally. Additionally, if the husband later loses his job & fails to continue child support payments, he will be jailed.
A husband may also face false accusations of sexual and child abuse during the divorce. In those states with heavy feminist bureaucracy, the husband - like the Duke and Hofstra rape fraud cases - will have to prove his innocence. Some wives will interfere with the husband's visitation rights to his children. In feminist oriented states, the courts will do nothing to stop her. And paternity fraud remains legal.
The divorce system is designed to trap men in bad marriages with bad wives.

An increasing number of American men are now reaching the conclusion that being a husband is not worth it. The better deal is to remain single and have a series of relationships with different women while pursuing hobbies and life goals.
Additionally, a college educated single man can have a very good life.

What if everything were reversed. What if only a husband's perspective was important in marriage and cheating was only wrong for the wife. What if the family court system discriminated against wives?
Would American women want to become wives to the massive degree they do today?
By nature, men and women are companions. By feminism, men and women are now adversaries.

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