Teacher Sex Scandal

A sex scandal involving Utah High school teacher Melissa Andreini, 29, and a 15 year old boy, resulted in Ms. Andreini being sentenced to only 120 days in jail. Utah's male teachers involved in sex scandals with the same age girl appear to receive (on average) 1.5 - 3 years jail time.

Some now claim there is a nationwide gender double standard within America's judicial system. Many female teachers involved in sex scandals appear to get far less jail time than their male counterparts.

For example, Christy Brown, 33, a teacher at Utah Cyprus High School, was convicted of having sex with a 16-year-old boy yet served no jail time. Cameo Patch, a 29-year-old substitute high school teacher was found guilty of engaging in sex acts with a 17-year-old student. She also served no time. In another scandal, Autumn Lee Leathers, 25-year-old English teacher at Mountain Ridge High School, Maryland had a sexual relationship with a 15 year old male student. Again - no jail time. Instead, she received a one year suspended sentence. This is the same state where female delegates recently introduced a dating bill for men. The bill requires all Maryland men to submit fingerprints & background information for investigation before they can communicate with foreign woman thru international dating sites. The female delegates claim men take advantage of foreign women - yet it was the female teacher who took advantage of a minor & went unpunished!

Some groups defend an adult women's "right" to have sexual relations with a 15 year old boy but express outrage at a 15 year old girls relationship with an adult man. These same groups also claim girls mature faster than boys. If so, then BOYS ARE LESS MENTALLY PREPARED FOR A SEXUAL RELATIONSHIP THAN GIRLS. THIS MAKES BOYS EASIER TO MANIPULATE THAN GIRLS. In a sexual relationship, adult women manipulate boys like puppets - thus making the judicial double standard appalling.

This judicial double standard also extends to other areas of crime such as domestic violence and robbery. In the American judicial system, female criminals are never held accountable for their actions to the same degree as males.

The reason is feminism.

A member of the website Antimisandry discovered a 'National Institute of Corrections'(NIC) document titled "Sentencing Women Offenders: A Training Curriculum for Judges". The document was written by the National Association of Women Judges and advocates a two tiered sentencing system. One for men and one for women. The document can be summarized with its statements "A strong case can be made that those who sentence women offenders are morally and ethically justified, perhaps even mandated, in ensuring that levying the same sentence on a female offender as on a male offender does not in reality impose far greater deprivations on the woman because of her gender." and " In many cases, that lack of information {about women criminals} leads to oversanctioning." Thus women should not be sentenced the same as men for the same crime.
This conclusion is based on standard feminist theory that men are inherently evil and women are inherently good. The feminist judiciaries also state "{Research by Women's Groups} is better understanding the roles of physical and sexual abuse, drug addiction, and mental illness in shaping the criminal involvement of these women." and "{A women} is likely to have been the subordinate member in a coercive relationship with a male criminal whom they assisted in committing the crime." Thus, the judiciaries claim a woman's involvement in crime is a man's fault - and, ofcourse, a man's involvement in crime is a man's fault.

Another NIC document titled "Women and the Criminal Justice System: Gender Matters" also supports the idea of a two tiered sentencing system. The document was written by a Women's Studies professor & states that gender should matter in the sentencing of criminals.

The NIC has a host of other feminist documents written over the last decade which advocate lighter sentencing for women, claiming that men drive women to commit crimes. While none of these documents are law, they appear to be used as guidelines in the American Judicial system. This is similar to education documents issued by the feminist group "The Women's Law Center". These education documents are not law, yet most school districts adhere to them. This is the reason why boys aged 4 to 10 are suspended for alleged sexual harassment in schools.

In America, judicial law has been replaced by feminist law. And that is a disgrace.

Individuals should be judged solely on the basis of their actions not their gender or race or religion or other such stupidity.


Why Has My Wife Cheated

Many bewildered husbands have asked "Why has my wife cheated on me?" According to infidelity researchers often quoted by media outlets such as ABC News, MSNBC etc, a wife cheats because her husband is self centered, inattentive and uncaring .These same sources also state the reason why a husband cheats is because HE is self centered and uncaring. The idea infidelity is always a man's fault is directly from feminist ideology.

Men are being lied to.

The reason why a married woman cheats is because she is a self centered person. She is also double standard.

As a personal example from my life, one wife who cheated said "As long as my husband continues to pay the mortgage then thats all he needs to worry about. He doesn't need to worry about what I do." However, she still demands her husband remain faithful.
In another personal example, a wife cheated for several months but was caught. The husband threw her out of the house but would not divorce her. The husband's friends yelled at him "your wife is a selfish jerk" & wanted to know why he was still married to her. However, this woman continuously told her husband she was sorry and she loved him. She also still expected him to remain faithful. After 3 weeks, the husband accepted her apology. Eleven months later she was caught fooling around again & the process repeated itself.
Another wife cheated with her husband's best friend. The husband's relatives had always viewed her as self centered. However, the husband kept disagreeing, saying "Not my wife" - until he caught her with his friend. During the divorce one relative asked him "Why did you make us put up with that selfish bitch for so long?"
Another wife cheated simply because a man hit on her. She strongly resented doing anything for her husband and was self centered. An extended family member - wondering why the husband was still with her - stated "She must be the best thing in town (in bed) because there simply is nothing else to like about her. Certainly not her personality." She still demands faithfulness from her husband.

These wives all had the same personality traits of selfishness and hypocrisy. All were only happy when the marriage was focused on themselves. They all resented having to help their husband with anything which was not interesting. They all believed that while they play around, their husbands must remain faithful.

And from the Internet, the stories are the same:

A married woman posted that husbands should be understanding and forgiving when they are cheated on. She said she had cheated on her husband because the marriage was no fun but after going on a family trip and laughing together she decided to wean herself off her boyfriend. This was taking many months. She said husbands should not expect it to happen overnight. In the meantime she still expects her husband to remain faithful.
An Army wife stated she cheated many times while her husband was deployed but he recently found out about 2 of the affairs - there were others. She said he wants nothing more to do with her. This military spouse now wants advice on how she can convince her husband to stay married. She justified her affairs by saying that she felt lonely & it felt good to be in the arms of men who wanted her, wined and dined her and relieved her frustration. However, she still demands her husband be faithful. He cannot relieve his frustration with other women. The Army wife believed cheating was only her prerogative not her husband's.
Another married woman typed she cheated many times with several different boyfriends. However, her husband found out about one of the boyfriends but she convinced him the affair was his fault. Additionally, she demanded he remain faithful.
A husband posted "I found out my wife was having an affair" after 1.5 years of marriage. He said they went to marriage counseling for 6 months & he thought she was being sincere. However, unknown to him, she began screwing around again. Over the next decade she had at least 7 different boyfriends. Eventually he caught her fooling around and subsequently found out about her other boyfriends. He now states "If your wife is screwing around then you have spent those agonizing nights wondering where she is, only to hear some bullshit excuse that you want to believe despite overwhelming evidence against it. Grow a backbone and call a lawyer.." "Your marriage is a sham and you need to deal with it or you will die a little every day."
Another husband posted that he caught his wife with her boyfriend but tried to work it out for the sake of the kids. They went to counseling. Later, he found out she was playing around with a new boyfriend. After he divorced her, he discovered she had cheated many times with multiple boyfriends during the marriage. He now states if you catch your wife cheating "more than likely she's done it before." He recommends getting rid of her otherwise "she will only drag you down further and further".

Being self centered and double standard are common personality traits of an unfaithful wife. This type of wife believes her marriage should be mostly about what she wants rather than an equal partnership with her husband. She becomes resentful if she has to help her husband, or if a problem in life arises, or if the marriage is not centered around herself. These things are not considered fun. She then becomes unhappy & cheats. However, she still demands faithfulness from her husband.

Cheating is the scourge of society. It hurts people. A cheating wife IS the same as a cheating husband. But the female chauvinist media & researchers don't see it that way. Instead, they promote feminist double standard.

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