Women Who Are Hypocrites

Women have created websites which list the names and residences of men who cheat.
One of the most popular websites is "Womansavers.com". This site allows a woman to list the full name of any man and his town of residence. She can also rate his character, commitment, trustfulness, and abusefulness as well as add comments about him. None of the comments need to be verified. Her word is considered truth. Additionally, photos of the man can be uploaded so he can clearly be identified on the street.

However, this website operates on the feminist principle of gender double standard. There is no way to rate a woman's character or trustfulness on this site. Her name and town cannot be listed. As is the case throughout feminist society, she is considered above questioning. What makes this website's double standard truly astounding is its conclusion that there is only a small difference in the infidelity rate between the genders with men being slightly higher. Even more astounding, however, is a survey conducted by the website in which 49% of women said they cheated. Another 26% said that they'd have no problem stepping out on their husbands or boyfriends if they knew they could get away with it. THIS MAKES MANY WOMEN ON THIS SITE BLATANT HYPOCRITES.

Furthermore, the website has a forum allowing users to engage in discussions. Many members on the forum post excuses on why they have had affairs. They also support other members who have stepped out on their husbands and boyfriends. A few men have commented in the forum. Some have posted their wives were unfaithful. Many members will defend the wife's actions, claiming the husband must have done something wrong. However it should be stated not all members defend backstabbing wives. Some heavily criticize them. Others tell the mistreated husband to stop being a doormat.

"Womansavers.com" is not the only website listing the names of cheating men. Another popular website is "Dont Date Him Girl". This website actually appears to be even more hypocritical than Womensavers. For example, on the site's forum, a husband posted the full names of his backstabbing wife and the sleazebag other man. The site's members criticized him for posting their names - despite the fact there are dozens of men's full names on the forum. Another man asked if there was a website listing the names of unfaithful women. He was denounced and mocked. According to "OnLine Dating Magazine" a man listed on "Dont Date Him Girl" actually took a blood test to prove he did not give his ex girlfriend herpes. The obvious conclusion is his ex girlfriend either lied about the story or was an unfaithful whore who has no idea which man gave her herpes. However, it should be noted this website was not completely researched for this post.

Hypocrite women who believe infidelity is wrong ONLY for men are useful ONLY as sex toys. They have no value in longterm relationships and are worthless as wives.
A cheating woman is EXACTLY the same as a cheating man. Only a female chauvinist nitwit (i.e. a feminist) will claim elsewise.

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