Feminist Propaganda in the American Media

America's national media has become a tool used by feminist to spread their propaganda. It is an arrangement similar to 20th century's Russia's control of its media to spread communist propaganda. In some cases, feminists have even begun using male cronies to promote their ideology.

For example, the chief legal analyst for NBCnews is writing a book that promotes female chauvinism. Titled "Man Down" this book will claim women are better police officers, financial managers, gamblers and world leaders than men. The journalist stated "many serious studies and research reached the same conclusion that women, as a group, are more thoughtful, efficient, tougher and less likely to make mistakes." It appears his book will borrow many ideas and tactics from the early 20th century American south. During that time period there were many studies claiming whites, as a group, are more thoughtful, efficient, tougher and less likely to make mistakes than blacks. The NBC journalist is an example of the narrow minded mentality that exists throughout this news organization. And this female chauvinism naturally extends to their reporting.

In another example, The Atlantic Magazine printed an article titled 'The End Of Men". It declared that women are the majority of the American workforce, the majority of managers and earn most of the college degrees. And like NBC, it declared they are better and more innovative senior managers than men. It also stated male leaders are controlling while female leaders take into account the rights of others. Lastly, The Atlantic stated single men suffer more financial difficulty than married men & that many men are desperate to be fathers. This last claim appears to reflect growing media anger at the increasing numbers of men avoiding marriage and the journalist's to put a 'positive spin' on the situation. However, unmarried college educated men are the one male group feminists seem to have difficulty exploiting. They are immune to abuse from the American family court system and less likely to be paternity fraud victims. The Atlantic concluded that women shall dominate all fields and control society.

Newsweek wrote a feature titled "Why We Need to Reimagine Masculinity" The feature promoted the new definition of masculinity as a man who gets married, stays home, cleans the house and watches the kids. Alternatively, they can become nurses. The magazine did not believe masculinity should be defined as a man going to college and becoming a doctor, biologist, chemist, engineer, software programmer or data communications analyst. The philosophy of limiting men's opportunities is in agreement with feminist sexist ideology. This philosophy has even been adopted by federal institutions such as the National Science Foundation. Increasingly, the Foundation has awarded educational grants with the stipulation the student or teacher cannot be male.

In a final example, Time Magazine wrote an article titled "The New Sheriffs of Wall Street". This article claimed only men are to blame for the American financial wreckage, calling the banking industry "a testosterone-filled trading culture". However, TIME did not mention that the banking industry, including Savings institutions, is 70% female - as per the Bureau of Labour Statistics. These women have made many decisions throughout the failed banking sector.

The American national media is not a source of objective news analysis. Instead it is used as a feminist propaganda outlet to promote classic female chauvinism.

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