Why Has My Wife Cheated

Many bewildered husbands have asked "Why has my wife cheated on me?" According to infidelity researchers often quoted by media outlets such as ABC News, MSNBC etc, a wife cheats because her husband is self centered, inattentive and uncaring .These same sources also state the reason why a husband cheats is because HE is self centered and uncaring. The idea infidelity is always a man's fault is directly from feminist ideology.

Men are being lied to.

The reason why a married woman cheats is because she is a self centered person. She is also double standard.

As a personal example from my life, one wife who cheated said "As long as my husband continues to pay the mortgage then thats all he needs to worry about. He doesn't need to worry about what I do." However, she still demands her husband remain faithful.
In another personal example, a wife cheated for several months but was caught. The husband threw her out of the house but would not divorce her. The husband's friends yelled at him "your wife is a selfish jerk" & wanted to know why he was still married to her. However, this woman continuously told her husband she was sorry and she loved him. She also still expected him to remain faithful. After 3 weeks, the husband accepted her apology. Eleven months later she was caught fooling around again & the process repeated itself.
Another wife cheated with her husband's best friend. The husband's relatives had always viewed her as self centered. However, the husband kept disagreeing, saying "Not my wife" - until he caught her with his friend. During the divorce one relative asked him "Why did you make us put up with that selfish bitch for so long?"
Another wife cheated simply because a man hit on her. She strongly resented doing anything for her husband and was self centered. An extended family member - wondering why the husband was still with her - stated "She must be the best thing in town (in bed) because there simply is nothing else to like about her. Certainly not her personality." She still demands faithfulness from her husband.

These wives all had the same personality traits of selfishness and hypocrisy. All were only happy when the marriage was focused on themselves. They all resented having to help their husband with anything which was not interesting. They all believed that while they play around, their husbands must remain faithful.

And from the Internet, the stories are the same:

A married woman posted that husbands should be understanding and forgiving when they are cheated on. She said she had cheated on her husband because the marriage was no fun but after going on a family trip and laughing together she decided to wean herself off her boyfriend. This was taking many months. She said husbands should not expect it to happen overnight. In the meantime she still expects her husband to remain faithful.
An Army wife stated she cheated many times while her husband was deployed but he recently found out about 2 of the affairs - there were others. She said he wants nothing more to do with her. This military spouse now wants advice on how she can convince her husband to stay married. She justified her affairs by saying that she felt lonely & it felt good to be in the arms of men who wanted her, wined and dined her and relieved her frustration. However, she still demands her husband be faithful. He cannot relieve his frustration with other women. The Army wife believed cheating was only her prerogative not her husband's.
Another married woman typed she cheated many times with several different boyfriends. However, her husband found out about one of the boyfriends but she convinced him the affair was his fault. Additionally, she demanded he remain faithful.
A husband posted "I found out my wife was having an affair" after 1.5 years of marriage. He said they went to marriage counseling for 6 months & he thought she was being sincere. However, unknown to him, she began screwing around again. Over the next decade she had at least 7 different boyfriends. Eventually he caught her fooling around and subsequently found out about her other boyfriends. He now states "If your wife is screwing around then you have spent those agonizing nights wondering where she is, only to hear some bullshit excuse that you want to believe despite overwhelming evidence against it. Grow a backbone and call a lawyer.." "Your marriage is a sham and you need to deal with it or you will die a little every day."
Another husband posted that he caught his wife with her boyfriend but tried to work it out for the sake of the kids. They went to counseling. Later, he found out she was playing around with a new boyfriend. After he divorced her, he discovered she had cheated many times with multiple boyfriends during the marriage. He now states if you catch your wife cheating "more than likely she's done it before." He recommends getting rid of her otherwise "she will only drag you down further and further".

Being self centered and double standard are common personality traits of an unfaithful wife. This type of wife believes her marriage should be mostly about what she wants rather than an equal partnership with her husband. She becomes resentful if she has to help her husband, or if a problem in life arises, or if the marriage is not centered around herself. These things are not considered fun. She then becomes unhappy & cheats. However, she still demands faithfulness from her husband.

Cheating is the scourge of society. It hurts people. A cheating wife IS the same as a cheating husband. But the female chauvinist media & researchers don't see it that way. Instead, they promote feminist double standard.

HA! Great post! U just described my friend's soon to be Ex wife exactly! I'll make sure he reads this.
I recently discovered my girlfriend had cheated on my two days ago and kicked her to the curb. Everything you wrote describes her to a tee. She is the most selfish person I have ever met. Everything revolves around her and she has double standards on everything. After 3 years with her, I now know that my gut feelings were right on. I love the article!
Excellent article! Two days ago I found out my girlfriend of 3 years cheated on me and I kicked her to the curb. Everything about the self-centered behavior draws a perfect picture of her. grats
Thanks "Just Here to Help"

Fortunately she was your gf INSTEAD OF YOUR WIFE. You can kick her to the curb and there is nothing the law can do about it. If she was your wife, the feminist Family Court Sytem would have screwed you over.
That was a great article
I caught my wife of 4 years cheating on me 2 weeks ago. When I talked with the best Lawyers in Houston, they told me if I divorced her, she would get the kids and most likely the house. As men, we can't win. I can't give up my kids. I have to be with them everyday. While part of me loves my wife another part wants out. I'm just holding to the woman I married, but when I see her, I get so angry and wonder why. She is the biggest double standard ever. She always tried to make me feel like crap and said I never thought about anybody but myself, which is not true. I asked her the other day, for someone who thinks about everyone else, what went through your mind before you cheated on me. She said she got caught in the moment, but this wasn't something that just happened. They had been texting and talking on Facebook for weeks before they met at a hotel, while she was supposed to be at dr appointment. Now I have to figure out if I want to move on without her and my kids or try to work on our "relationship."
The fact that your backstabbing, self-centered wife would get the kids if you get rid of her is another example why marriage is a waste of time for men. She's no different than any of the wives used in this article. I'd advise you get tested for aids & STD's. Additionally, her BF is a sleazeball.

Also, maybe you could contact a men's rights lawyer. I know I came across some on the Internet. Maybe thy could give some basic advice.
After 5 years of researching a dirty affair behind my back, I can tell you that this article is very true indeed. Women seem to rationalize the ugly deed they did with they were "lonely, or didn't get enough attention, or were bored, or uninterested in anything the husband is doing, accomplishing, or providing for his family." I have been told it is all my fault, and I have been told tons of excuses that really make no sense whatsoever as to the reason why she did what she did.

I never thought my wife of 12 years would cheat on me with another man, her sister's ex-boyfriend of all people, and the father to her niece and nephew. We have beautiful children, had a wonderful home, and I have always put my family and her first above everything I ever did, only to find out because of a petty argument over bills and stupid stuff really, she went out and instantly did whatever with him within 15 minutes of meeting him because she was upset.

Being self centered, a double standard selfish woman, and I might add remorseless are very common traits I found out over the years with woman who cheat. I recently found out that shat really doesn't care at all, doesn't think about the pain, hurt, or damage it has done to our family and kids, its almost like she knew what would happen consequence wise - and did it anyway just to see what happened. She acts like Oh-well...and you go deal with it in so many words.

So like most loyal men to their family and children, I hung around for the kids sake, but there isn't a day that didn't go by I happen to notice how selfish she was, it was all about her and what her happy, otherwise she never paid attention to anything else or me as the husband. Only now that I filed to leave her, does she say she is sorry, but I feel that she is only sorry because she got caught or who is going to provide her a life now.

Selfish and double standard is an understatement...I have always said if I went and did what she did, there would be hell to pay, as its okay for her to explain away, but me it strictly forbidden.

leave them in the most cold blooded way bro's,stand up and be a man with balls,DO NOT FORGIVE OR TAKE THEM BACK.Fuck that,get a better life minus a scum like that,that drags you in their mess and self centered drama,again i repeat DO NOT TAKE THEM BACK...kids,house...or billions of dollars,DOES NOT matter believe me,if we as MAN don't teach them a lesson of a value,respect,family morals,family unity this sluts end up growing our daughters and sons based on their ideology...think about it,the more WE let them get away and some new era FORGIVING shit comes in,we planting a seed for our future,one only learns once they feel the pain,zero fucking tolerance.
i cant stand them sluts,dirty filth
The last 2 postings are absolutely right. It is obvious that it was done on purpose, it was meant to hurt us men, and although not all men cheat, it seems as if the ones that dont get hurt the most. I agree, leaving them is the only way to teach a lesson in a broad spectrum sense, if enough women realize that men are not going to just sit, take it, cry, and be painfully hurt by their selfish acts, then maybe they will think twice about a dirty affair against a family. You only live once, and a better life is for the taking, you dont have to live like that anymore. Distrust, lack of sleep, hate, sadness, and feeling totally betrayed is no way to live.

Absolutely right!
Women should just cheat on their man all the time and let their man go mad about it. Have sex with other men if your husband can't satisfy you. And train your daughters to cheat on their boyfriends and hubbies as well if you're cheating on your hubby.
If your woman cheats, chances are her manstress can also frame you for abusing her and the kids even if it's not your fault and will steal your money. Why? He's jealous.
@ 2/28/14 3:07
Spoken like a feminist. My guess is your from the National Organization of Women or maybe the Women's Law Center. Either way, your mentality is definitely feminist. Feminist always claim 'cheating on a husband is good but cheating on a wife is bad'. This is exactly why so many men are abandoning the idea of becoming husbands Many younger men today realize getting married is simply stupid because of feminist like you.
Men should submit to their wives completely while wives dominate and have lots of men on the side to hook up with.
A wife cheats because she is selfish and uncaring.
@Anonymous 7/7/14, 12:51
Advocating the abuse and exploitation of men - its what being a feminist is all about. It is why feminism is the enemy of men.
Hi there, You've done an incredible job. I will definitely digg it and in my view suggest to my friends. I'm confident they'll be benefited from this website.
Bail and move to Asia. Build new family and leave.. Its not too late
Little late but fuck that bitch..I mean ditch the bitch..let's hope u did and she's dead
If the situation is something you can't handle anymore then it's time to give up. There are some issues that can be resolved but it will still depend upon the two persons involve.
Women cheat because they are masterbating for lack of satisfaction with intercourse with their spouse. They will have sex with most men she likes. She will be very careful about to much time with any one man. If she finds a man to satisfy her on every session she will stick with him not worrying about exposure thinking the guy could be her next husband if caught.

U simply repeated feminist propaganda. When a wife cheats its the husband's fault?? NO IT ISNT. When a wife cheats its her fault. Reread above post. Every wife is a grown adult woman. She is completely responsible for her actions.
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